Attention Engineer Podcast 

I am the special guest of this podcast with Laura Kidd. I discuss songwriting, production, all the funny little foibles I address when collaborating with the hundreds of people I have ended up with, the new record with Catherine Anne Davies, and I reveal the 3 songs I would suggest as a gateway for someone new to my work. Its about an hour long and fully approved by me so if you ever wanted to know the juicy you go. It is also available on all the usual platforms.

Ten Good Reasons 

aaarrggh, i'm doing so many things i nearly forgot to alert all of you have kindly signed up about my latest release. I am so sorry :) 

'Ten Good Reasons' is the third release (and the second track in) from 'In Memory Of My Feelings', the collaborative album I have made with Catherine Anne Davies. The album is out on 16th October and you can pre-order the album on 180gm vinyl / cd with handwritten lyric sheet, postcard and ltd.ed. 7" from the Needle Mythology website. If you order from Townsend Music, Rough Trade, or Piccadilly you may be in with a chance of winning one of only 2 test pressings. 

Until then here is a teaser of Ten Good Reasons. Please listen and share as widely as you can.


In Memory Of My Feelings - Out 18/9/20 


Watch the video for 'The Breakdown' 


Limited edition formats include 2LP +7” w/ signed lyric sheet and gatefold replica CD with signed postcard available for a limited period exclusively via the Official store.

Taken from the forthcoming album ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’, out 18th September on Needle Mythology.’The Breakdown’ is the first offering to be lifted from the forthcoming collaborative album by Catherine Anne Davies (aka The Anchoress) and Bernard Butler. ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’ will be released via Needle Mythology on 18th September, 2020 and is notable as the first new master recording for Pete Paphides' label. The Breakdown explores the personal price to the pursuit of economic wealth and the failures of free market capitalism, framed through the story of one investment banker's catastrophic breakdown. Butler adds "Musically the song is deliberately dysfunctional with an unorthodox slowed up 10/8 meter. The piano arpeggio is played forwards then backwards to symbolise the dysfunctional dreamlike beauty of the breakdown”

 Written by Catherine Anne Davies & Bernard Butler

Produced & mixed by Bernard Butler at Studio 355, London











New music coming... 


 On 22/7/20 there will be news of a new record I have collaborated on. This is a collaboration that has been 10 years in the waiting room to be released. So I'm quite excited and want you all to have the first opportunity to hear it. One song will go online straight away and there will be a link to pre-order the album on all formats with some truly beautiful artwork. So please sign up to the mailing list and follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see what it's all about.


There is now a new Shop feature on In the spirit of clearing stuff out I wanted to make available stuff I have had at home for ages which some of you would like, all of course signed in whatever way you would like. There are a few items up now which are already selling out fast and once these are gone THEY'RE GONE! So take your chance to find a few originals. And please watch out as I start to make more music available. Stay safe x

Earth Day 2020 

Hi everyone. Please see the attached info about Earth Day 2020. I will be performing as part of Sam Lee's Nest Collective celebration which will be streamed live on Youtube on 22/4/2020. I will be performing a live improvisation for a short segment of the show which will feature artists, musicians and writers accompanying the song of the nightingales. Please join in this completely magical and freeform event and share widely.