I will be "In Conversation" with Dave Haslam in Manchester on 16th November at the Central Methodist Hall. This is part of the Off The Record Festival held over 2 days in Manchester, hosting curated conversations by day and shows by night. Some of you maye have heard me talk to Dave last year. It was good fun and the audience gets the chance to throw things at me at the end. We want to centre this conversation this year on the present, where we are now, songwriting techniques, and how to survive and still be making music through the years. This isn't another chinwag about the good ole days, and if anything we want to confront the concept of an audience's obsession with where they first discovered an artist and the relationship that creates with the artist. How can any artist get across the life they lead in the meantime and do they have any right?! Please come along and say hi. I always love being in Manchester.


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