What Goes On....

Here's my quick update:

Dave Haslam/Music Matters

Thankyou to everyone who came out in manchester last night. We had a great chat, Dave was a brilliant host, and hopefully we can do this again sometime.


Waves Audio have published my list of tips on recording guitars. Hopefully there is something there to try or at least argue about:) You can find my list here.

BB & The King

Our radio show is now up to 23 episodes all of which are archived on our Mixcloud page. You can also share our playlists on the Spotify page. There are now 569 songs up there. Every week we do a themed show LIVE from a North London pub so please listen friday 2-4pm on Boogaloo Radio or download their app. 


The QTY record we finished at the end of last year is slowly coming out. Please check them out.


I will be doing a couple more shows with Mark Eitzel when he returns to the UK next month. You can find the dates on the LIVE page. 

I keep popping up with The Magic Numbers during their Green Note jam nights, but their will be another similar night popping up in London next month so please keep an eye open for a ticket announcement!